Once upon a time, far away in an ancient land, a samurai sought shelter underneath a tree by a sacred temple. While taking in his surroundings the man noticed a cat that seemed to be beckoning him to the temple.

Maneki Gang (MG) Collection

Say hello to the newest member of the Maneki Family! There are 11,358 minted Maneki Gang Avatars. Randomized, free minting (not including gas) ran from August 23 thru 30. For every Original Lucky Maneki a collector owned, they earned the ability to mint 1 Maneki Gang Avatar. Any avatars not claimed will never be minted.

Maneki Gang avatars are designed as a true Profile Picture (PFP) to make your social media look dope. There are 8 total different traits: background, skin, eyes, mouth, hat, collar, clothes, and paw. Some of them even have animation features! View Maneki Gang Ranked by Rarity here.

As he walked away from the tree to approach this cat, a bolt of lightning struck the tree he was under, causing the tree to crash down where he was sitting only moments ago.

Lucky Maneki (OG) Collection

There are 14,159 beautiful minted Lucky Manekis that inhabit the legendary world of Luckeania. The intricate art collectibles are modeled after a Japanese lucky cat. No one is sure of their origin, but these magical creatures possess energies of good fortune and prosperity.

The first 40 born are known as the Epic Manekis and they have the most impressive luck. They hold the most power because all of their traits are perfectly aligned: head, body, background, and accessories have come together in harmony. Over the centuries 14,119 more Maneki species were born. They inherited the lucky forces of their Epic ancestors, but in a wide variety of traits and properties! Their randomized mutations have made some rarer than others.

The samurai, who turned out to be a wealthy man, rewarded this temple with fortunes for the blessings of this lucky cat. Years later, the cat passed away, but it left us a most fortuitous gift; luck.


Challenges are a way for you to utilize your collection to compete for big rewards. Each challenge has specific requirements, if you meet those requirements, you can win a Rare, Legendary, or Diamond Lucky Maneki NFT.

The challenges occur frequently throughout the week, giving you many chances to complete and win prizes. Rare prizes are given out based on a raffle system. Complete the requirements and earn a raffle ticket.

The Lucky Maneki Community aims to carry the torch of the beckoning cat by continuing its mission to bestow luck upon everyone.


End Goal: Tokenize. Stake. Play. Earn.

  • 06/30/21: The OG Lucky Maneki NFT’s mint.
  • 6/30/21: 100 ETH+ raffled off to the community by the founding team.

  • 7/10/21: First Lucky Maneki Challenge launched, the reward being a Legendary Lavacat.

  • 7/25/21: Partnership with TheLandVault to develop a game experience in their AvatarLand in The Sandbox Game.

  • 8/05/21: Diamond Hands Club (sub-DAO) beings enrolling members.

  • 8/30/21: The Maneki Gang NFT Collection drops offering Lucky Maneki NFT holders a free + gas 1:1 mint.

  • 9/03/21: The Lucky Maneki community acquires/inherits the Lucky Maneki brand.

  • 9/06/21: Lucky Maneki successfully launches their Times Square ad campaign.

  • 9/16/21 Launch new community website.

  • 10/03/21 Launch 90-day pseudo-staking campaign.

  • Develop Staking/Voting Mechanism.
  • Implement Tokenization.
  • Develop Financial Dispatch Contracts.
  • Develop Project Deployment Protocol.
  • Re-launch Challenges.
  • Develop Merch Shop.
  • Develop Discord Bots Product Suite.
  • Develop Voxel Collection.
  • Launch Treasure Quests.
  • Develop Metaverse Play-To-Earn Game.
  • Develop Maneki Arcade.


Entrusted by the community, these are the non-anonymous volunteers whom are contributing their time and expertise to drive innovation and to ensure the growth of the project; guarding the brand and the community.

Ryan | @sreyemnayr

Location: Louisiana
Contribution: IT
Spirit Animal: Crow

Ryan Meyers has been building cool things for a long time. His most-used app would be Google Meet Grid View (9.9 million unique users, acquired by Google). His educational background is not in Computer Science, but in Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis) rooted in the theories of Skinner in terms of tokenomics and human behavior.


Ali | @idnazila

Location: Hawaii
Contribution: Product / Operations
Spirit Animal: Jaguar

Relentlessly driven wild-man/hippie. 20+ years experience in tech & investments (game audio, private acquisitions, real estate, ecommerce), and an award winning domain investor/broker facilitating over $30M in sales. Most notably known for writing his bios in the third person to ensure he seems cooler than he really is. Halo 3 k/d 3.4+.

Matt ManekiMatt

Matt | @street81

Location: Northern Virginia
Contribution: Marketing
Spirit Animal: Hawk

20+ years of Marketing, Business Development and Operations experience. Has worked with companies of all sizes including Fortune 500 organizations. Found his way into NFT’s through NBATopShot and discovered a home with the Lucky Maneki community. He’s a girl dad who loves sports, fishing and a prime aged steak.

Chris ManekiChris

Chris | @gemtenwax

Location: Oregon
Contribution: Partnerships/Collabs
Spirit Animal: Hummingbird

Passionately optimistic. Dream big & often. Big risk = big reward. Pure degen runs deep within my DNA. Loyal. Truth > Feels. Intuition on fleek. 12+ years of award winning b2b enterprise field sales experience. College scholarship athlete [hoops]. “Good things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Hielke ManekiHielke

Hielke | @simskin

Location: Holland
Contribution: Mod / Voice of Reason
Spirit Animal: Butterfly

42 y/o happily married man, pure nerd at heart. Love video games and board games which I like to pimp up with crafts and paints. 20 years managerial experience. Took a year off to take care of my grandfather (dementia, he found his peace). Switched to finance (corporate health). Reasonable big mouth and has the ability to start or stop a hype train.

Jeffrey ManekiJeffrey

Jeffrey | @jasooner27

Location: Oklahoma
Contribution: Moderator
Spirit Animal: Dragon

I am married with 2 daughters who are 16 and 4. Anytime I mention NFTs my wife just rolls her eyes at me so I live a double life until the day I turn her into a degenerate as well. 13 years in telecomm (cable). 4 years as lead tech (copper/fiber repair).Determined individual. Get it done attitude. Optimistic, summer heat > cold, sarcasm > summer heat.

Josh ManekiJosh

Josh aka Stoney | @ses

Location: California
Contribution: Artist
Spirit Animal: Eagle

Bless up everyone my brand is Stoney Eye Studios (SES). I am a music producer, artist, and musician. I do stencil/digital art, and have been featured in galleries around Los Angeles. I have also done the art for album covers as well as some large murals in office spaces around California. I also do projection mapping light show’s.

Dillon | @blaise_inferno

Location: Washington State
Contribution: Partnerships/Collabs
Spirit Animal: Black Panther

Enthusiastic about travel, culture, people, food, and opportunity. Pure crypto/NFT degen! 10+ years experience in luxury travel (servicing VIPs), managing international teams for one of the largest financial institutions, project management, financial compliance, mediation and negotiation. Avid FFXIV player and anime freak. Did I mention I love cats?

Gerrit | @vintz

Location: California
Contribution: Mod / Marketing
Spirit Animal: Lunar Moth

Obsessive NFT researcher and data broker. Clients send me NFTs that they are interested in, to review and summarize the bear case and bull case for each. My main goals are to get Maneki as widespread as possible and to nurture meaningful collaborations. Offline I am a wine representative.

Remaining guardian bios coming soon…